Guess How Much I Love You?

Julia is 23 days old now, and tonight I finally read her first actual bedtime story at home. It seems a bit odd that it took this long, since I read some short story or other nearly every night before she escaped the confines of Courtney’s body. I guess the best explanation is that babies are a whole lot easier to manage and less time-consuming when they’re on the inside rather than the outside.

For her inaugural story, I chose Guess How Much I Love You? by Sam McBratney, which was one of my favorites over the last many months. However, I must say that reading to Courtney’s bump isn’t as engaging as reading to a baby who is (or at least appears to be) giving you her rapt attention. It’s likely that she was just processing the new experience and visual stimulation provided by large pictures in a large book, but that’s good enough for me given her age.

If you aren’t familiar with it, this story is very sweet. Whether I get misty eyes at the end is a bit of a toss-up every time I read it. It’s about a daddy hare and his young son–not a perfect fit for Julia and me, but close enough. The son keeps trying to find ways to express how much he loves his dad, while the dad responds each time with an even greater amount. They both end up asleep at the end, so it makes for a good bedtime story.

I’m really looking forward to the reading many more stories, especially as she grows to the point of image and then language comprehension.