LCH-Free At Last

We got great news this morning after Julia’s latest check-up MRI yesterday: there is no more evidence of active LCH anywhere in her body. The lesions in and around her skull have disappeared, and the ones in her spine are healed except for small compression fractures in four vertebrae. These may heal in time, but even if they don’t, they aren’t affecting her ability to walk. She has two more chemo treatments, with her last one being August 9th. After this, she’ll undergo progressively less frequent check-up MRIs to make sure it hasn’t come back.

Hearing the news was almost surreal for me. The pediatric oncology department hadn’t even looked over the results yet, since they received them the previous evening and I asked about it in the middle of the following morning. The doctor read a few excerpts from the report for the first time out loud as he answered my question. Talk about an endorphin rush! I couldn’t help smiling, and I almost couldn’t help crying. Maybe. A bit.

We are extremely grateful for this outcome and for all of the support we’ve received through this challenging process. Julia sure has a lot of friends!

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