Julia in the Moonlight

It’s six in the morning, and my fingertip is in Julia’s tiny mouth as she makes occasional soft cooing noises while hopefully moving towards sleep after her most recent feeding/changing cycle. I’m writing this using one hand on my iPad, more awake than I usually am right now probably because Courtney took care of the entire last feeding, letting me sleep instead. She’s great that way.

I briefly considered pulling up my work email, since it is Monday morning, after all. But then I figured, why put a damper on a moment like this? I’d rather immortalize it. The work will still be there in a couple of hours.

What caught my eye in the first place and subconsciously inspired me to pull out my iPad and write something was actually a small strip of light on Julia’s outfit, which I couldn’t tell at first where it came from. The only light on in the room is the multicolored LED glow from Courtney’s Tetris lamp (which, incidentally, makes a great¬†brighter-than-usual night light). But the light I saw came from the other direction and was a decidedly different color and temperature.

It turns out that there was a break in the clouds outside such that the very full moon happened to shine at an angle through the gap in our two bedroom blinds just right, creating a two-inch-wide strip of light across her chin and monkey-emblazoned chest.

Right about then is when I considered that it’s a good thing we don’t have to worry about lycanthropy these days.

Because maybe I’m less awake than I thought.

My fingertip is turning into a raisin, and Julia seems to be about finished with it. Perhaps I’ll try to steal a few more precious minutes of sleep. Or, maybe I’ll just sit here and stare at this beautiful baby for a while longer.

It’s good to be a daddy.

2 thoughts on “Julia in the Moonlight

  1. “Lycanthropy”? I had to look it up. “The supposed or imagined appearance of a wolf behind a human.” Um . . . what? I think you were more asleep than awake. Haha. But this was a sweet post.

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